My design philosophy: visualizing stories that matter.

I believe in the power of design to change lives by communicating ideas honestly, clearly, and in the uplifting of marginalized voices. I choose to design for social movements because I am passionate about telling their stories, visualizing messages, and creating call-to-actions.

Design can change lives. Design holds fundamental power in how we interact with the world. Everything from exit signs to graffiti on the side of a bus stop communicates distinct messages. I’m inspired by the disruptive power of Diego Rivera, German Impressionism, and punk rock. Get in contact or read my resume.


As a designer, I think about how the urban landscapes communicate ideas and project power, my hometown of Washington, DC is built for social stratification and exudes dominance over the individual. And as a leftist I think about how design also has the power to challenge and interrupt those same oppressive power structures.



Nov 2016 —Current
The Democracy Collaborative
Digital & Media Associate
Responsibilities included weekend social, graphic design, and website management.

Sept 2014 —Nov 2016
ThinkProgress/Center For American Progress
Digital Journalist
Responsibilities included weekend social, posting on a Tumblr with 150K followers, creating marketing material, visual graphics included: data visualization, custom interactive maps, and shareable content.

February 2012 — Current
Freelance Design
Designer & Web Developer
Graphic design with a focusing on movement building and non-profits.

Jan 2013 — Sept 2014
PC Creative Group
Freelance Web Developer
Responsibilities included design, animation, web design and development. Work helped elect a local Democratic party to the state assembly.

Sept 2013 — Dec 2013
Energy Action Coalition
Online Organizer
Responsibilities included creating info graphics, shareable content, and design material for local youth organizers. Resulting in 7k youth leaders coming across the country for Powershift 2013.

August 2013 — Jan 2013
PC Creative Group

Responsibilities included design, animation, web design and development. Work helped elect a local Democratic party to the state assembly.

Oct 2012 — Current
Healthcare Is a Human Right – Maryland
Volunteer Media Team & Freelance Design

Responsibilities included creating outreach material, website design, leadership training, community mapping and social media. Organizing progressives leaders around Maryland to organize around single-payer health care, culminating in the largest mobilization for single-payer healthcare in Maryland history.


I've invested countless hours into design, development, and communication... Over the past 5 years I've put in time in web development, wordpress theming, and creating beautiful designs; experimenting with design and development that is seemless.

CRM: Mailchimp, & Actionnetwork

Social Media: Facebook, Chartbeat, Instagram, & Twitter

Community Organizing: Community networking, action planning, logistics, & event organizing.


Frederick Community College: 2009-2012 Major: Digital Media

Awards Won

Won A.I.G.A Blue Ridge Chapter Competition Frederick Community College collaborative design team defeated three other schools in the region including Shepherd University, Kaplan, and Hagerstown Community College.


healthcare is a human right banner

Designing For

A Better World

I've dedicated my life working on progressive causes in support of everything from single payer healthcare to worker-run cooperatives. In my spare time, I organize in Washington, DC for stronger local movements. I come from a humble blue collar background and know the costs of failing to confront entrenched power structures and the fragility of the everyday person.

My design philosophy is centered around my roots. I have a passion for story-telling and lifting up the most marginalized communities. Design gives society the tools to implement a better vision, let's work on this together.