ThinkProgress is one of the largest online progressive media outlets with 1.7 million likes on FB, 400+ thousand followers on Twitter, 150k followers on Tumblr and millions of readers each month. At ThinkProgress my responsibilities included social media, running a Tumblr of 150K followers, creating marketing material, visual storytelling including data visualization, custom interactive maps, and shareable content. I regularly create shareable-graphics that reach hundreds of thousands of people, possibly several million.

Prison Strike Graphic

Tracking the Kaepernick Effect

This graphic tracked protests inspired by Collin Kaepernick and was also showcased in ESPN


Paid Sick Leave Graphic:

A version of this graphic was picked up by the New York Times and updated over a 2 year period.  paid-sickleave-infographic-dec-2016


Indiana Religious Freedom Act Law Graphic:

This graphic was picked up by the LA Times.


Costco Graphic:

This graphic reached millions of people, receiving over 200k shares, and over a million likes on Facebook.


Malala Quote Graphic:

This graphic reached hundreds of thousands of people, receiving over 60K shares, and 50K likes on Facebook.


Climate Progress Climate Denier Representatives:

This post reached thousands of people. I designed and branded the project, decided color scheme, created the design of the interactive, and did some CSS and HTML coding.